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GCSE Science Live!

Posted on: 04/02/2020
A group of Year 10 Science students travelled to Bath this term for a day of ‘GCSE Science Live!’  The forum was packed with 1600 students and the stage was set for the first speaker of the day, the esteemed Professor Robert Winston.  Professor Winston started the day off with such energy and passion as he discussed IVF treatment and the ethics surrounding the subject.  The students were fascinated by what he had to say and were in awe of his incredible knowledge. 

The day was filled with so many intriguing demonstrations performed by an array of different 
scientists, all of whom are world experts in their fields.  Students were treated to appearances from Dr Simon Singh who explained the Big Bang Theory; Dr Helen Czerski who discussed research ships in the Artic and Atlantic Oceans; Professor Alice Roberts on the battle between archaeologists, anthropologists and geneticists in determining the origin of man’s best friend; and finally by Professor Dave Cliff who enlightened them on the future of computer science and its many challenges.

All the speakers delivered their presentations with great energy and insight, leaving a lasting impression on our students.  The scientists encouraged them to love Science and open their minds to the endless possibilities available in their futures.

After a long day, the tired students returned to the minibuses ready for the journey home.  When asked if the journey was worth it? A resounding “Yes!” was all that could be heard.  

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