To support our ongoing drive to raise aspirations and achieve excellence, we encourage parents to create their own account. This allows you to receive up-to-date summary information regarding you child’s independent study, as well as their achievements and behaviour in school.  We recommend using the dedicated app, which is accessible via a mobile device, as this is a quick and simple way of receiving relevant notifications.

Parents need a special code to create an account, which is then linked to their child (and can be used to link siblings), in order to provide access to their records. 

To obtain this unique code, the student will need to login to Satchel:One using their network username and password (not their email address). Watch the videos below which show how to find the code in the browser or mobile app. This code must be noted down as it will be required when the parent proceeds to set up their account.

The code can be used to link up to 5 different adults.  This means a parent can choose to share the code with other adults who have parental responsibility of the child, so that they can also have an overview of independent study, achievements, and behaviour.

The student will then need to log out of Satchel:One, and the parent needs to:

  1. Go to or search for “Satchel One” in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.  It will have an icon like this:

SatchelOne Logo

  1. Follow the prompts and enter the school name and their own personal email address, and then it’s essential that the code previously noted down is used.

Satchel:One have put together a help page with resources especially for parents.  It contains FAQ’s as well as a short parents guide video.  You can access this by clicking this link.

If you need further support, our IT team will be available during parents’ evenings, also via

PS – The “Parent Portal” is another useful tool for parents; it provides access to your attendance records, school reports, timetable, and much more.  Please use the website menu at the top of this page, and click the “Parents” menu for the link as well as support information.

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