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Visiting Penzance Fire Station

Posted on: 10/02/2020
Twenty five of our Science Ambassadors visited Penzance Fire Station this term.  The students were welcomed by Green Watch and were split into two groups for a day of problem solving.  
The first problem? 
How can you get all your team members from one wall to another across 50m with only six carpet tiles to walk on?
The teams were neck and neck right up until the last second.
The second task proved to be a little trickier.  
With a tap 20m away (whilst using only a ladder, tarpaulin and a hand pump) how can you fill a bucket with water? 
Through their laughter the students showed 
brilliant team work to solve the problem in front of them.  
The final challenge of the day was probably the most difficult of all the tasks.  Each student placed a hood over their head, blindfolding them; they then had to work as a team totally relying on each other to navigate their way safely around the station.  There were many obstacles in their path which the students had to overcome, including clambering through a fire engine! Good communication was essential in this task to avoid  getting lost!
Thank you to Penzance Fire Station for welcoming our students for this brilliant day. Each of the tasks set required teamwork and humour; both shared in great abundance by everyone.  The students all had a great time and enjoyed the challenges set.

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