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This guide is intended to support your navigation of ‘Remote Learning’ at Humphry Davy School. If you have any questions regarding your IT login, please email:


This is your first port of call for homework and Remote Learning. Your teachers will set a lesson on here for each of your timetabled lessons. These will appear on the day of the lesson, and will remain for 48 hours. Each lesson should take a minimum of 60 - 70 minutes to complete. There will be a range of blended learning tasks which aim to maximise the breadth and depth of your remote learning, balancing this with the challenges of learning remotely.

Within Satchel:one you may be directed to a range of other Remote Learning resources, all of which will be personalised to follow your in school work, to ensure a full coverage of the whole curriculum.

Work submitting and completion:

Every lesson set by your teachers will have information regarding how to submit work and how it will be collected or assessed. Often this could be done within Satchel:one, uploading the work directly to your teacher. Paper copies can be photographed and uploaded in a similar manner. Even if you are not attaching work, we ask you to click ‘submit assignment to teacher’ so we can acknowledge that you have done the work. During each of these sessions, your teacher will be available, so please feel free to ask questions via the ‘comments’ section. For help or guidance regarding any of the above, please follow this link:


As part of our Remote Learning offer we will use Microsoft Teams for ‘Live Consultations’. In these your class teacher will be available for live contact and discussion of learning. Details of how to login will be provided on Satchel:one, along with timings and any preparations needed. This will support, not replace, curriculum content accessed via Satchel:one.   


For questions regarding your access to these resources, please contact your student support worker

Mrs Pocock Year 7

Mrs Phelan Year 8

Mrs James Year 9

Miss Lees Year 10

Mrs Goudge Year 11


Mr R Smith - Head of English Faculty / Assistant Head Teacher – Remote Learning

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