SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development)

Humphry Davy School promotes SMSC and British values by:

  • Maintaining positive local community relations.
  • Welcoming the engagement of ex-students and alumni in raising the aspirations of all students.
  • Involving students regularly in ‘student forum’ debate, discussion and school improvement across the key stages.
  • The use of a house system that rewards achievement, promotes cohesion and through the election of prefects.
  • Involving older students in the peer mentoring of younger students via vertical mentoring.
  • Using mentor time and assemblies as a conduit to promote SMSC and British Values.
  • Incorporating visits from ‘Churches Together’ within our assembly programme.
  • Incorporating SMSC and British Values into the curriculum.
  • Awarding student achievements regularly in a variety of ways, including through celebration assemblies and within individual subject areas.
  • Celebrating sporting and artistic success, particularly via the music scholars.
  • Encouraging participation of students in school productions and music clubs.
  • Welcoming students from different countries and cultures as part of cultural exchanges.
  • Promoting the links between Cornwall and other countries via charity work and HDI (Humphry Davy Interact).
  • Giving students opportunities to experience performances from a variety of performing arts groups.
  • Giving the opportunity for all students in year 10 to go on a week’s work experience placement.
  • Establishing links to employment and employers through an excellent Careers and IAG (Information and Guidance) programme.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship through enterprise activities.
  • Welcoming parental engagement.
  • Offering college partnerships and vocational courses for those students with specific needs or interests.
  • Compiling accurate destinations data on school leavers.
  • Taking a pride in our students’ work through dynamic and thought provoking displays.
  • Using student ambassadors to promote the school on open evenings, open mornings and parents' evenings.
  • Offering a comprehensive RHSE (Relationship, Health and Sex Education) and Cit PD (Citizenship and Personal Development)curriculum.
  • Using performance reviews, lesson observations and examination analysis to ensure that all groups of students reach their potential.
  • Promoting a growth mindset culture that recognises the ability of all students to achieve their potential.
  • All curriculum areas actively promote British values and SMSC within schemes of work and individual lesson plans.
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