At Humphry Davy School, sustainability has long been on our agenda, with our governing body identifying the embedding of ‘an understanding of environmental sustainability and values across the curriculum and within the school operations’ as one of their five top priorities for the next 5 years.

We are determined to make a difference and have BIG plans for the future!  Watch this space, but here are just some of the things we are currently doing to reduce our carbon footprint: 

  • Solar PV: vast array of panels on our sports hall, science block, technology block,    humanities block and maths block!  We are both generating, using and exporting!
  • LED Lighting: currently installed in the majority of our circulation areas, in many classrooms throughout the site, and outside!  We also have lighting sensors, so we only use energy when we are in the rooms and moving around site!  Over the Summer 2023, we are upgrading all of our lighting across the whole site...we will be completely LED!
  • Green Energy: both our gas and electric suppliers are 'Green' suppliers.
  • Recycling:  Disposable face masks, paper, plastic, cans, glass, cardboard, pens, batteries, metal, computer equipment and food waste.
  • Tree planting and wild areas:  We have planted many new trees around the site, including hedgerows to provide natural habitats.  We have managed areas of our grounds to enable 'wild growing', a particular favourite for birds and insects. 
  • Beach cleans: We continue to work with Surfers Against Sewage, and Sustainable PZ assisting with local beach cleans.
  • Reducing plastics: We are a plastic free school!  We encourage the use of reusable water bottles, and have vastly reduced the use of non-recylable consumables in our wider school procurement.
  • Allotment: Our school allotment has been redesigned and redeveloped using sustainable materials.  We continue to use this resource to educate our school community on sustainable produce and cultivation.
  • The Rewards Shop: We have replaced many products with recycled products. For example: pens, pencils, rulers, sticky page markers and lunch bags. There is also the opportunity now to add to a charity: ‘Cornwall Wildlife Trust’.
  • Water Fountains:  We are installing new water fountains across the site.  These are made from recycled fishing nets - courtesy of 
  • Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HDP)- The UK has a 2050 net zero target and we have already put in place a HDP which demonstrates how we intend to replace fossil fuel reliant systems with low carbon alternatives, to meet the challenge of net zero and decarbonise our buildings.
  • Energy Management Plan (EMP) - Our Energy Management Plan outlines how we will manage energy usage across the school site.  It will be consulted when planning future projects to ensure that developments are aligned. 
  • Earth's Green Guardians (EGG) - We are working with EGG on a pilot project which aims to coordinate Sustainability Education from Primary through to Post 16.  We are one of 3 organisations in the pilot which includes Newlyn School and Penwith College.  Further information can be found here:
  • Electric car charging points: We are installing 3 EV charging points for the school staff car park and visitor car park 

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On the Horizon.....

  • Improved bike and scooter shelters to encourage cycling to school
  • Water saving measures (including rainwater recyling for toilet flushing and site irrigation)

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Things we are investigating....

  • Electric minibuses
  • Electric bike loan schemes





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