School House System

At Humphry Davy School we care about the individual child.  Students thrive best in an atmosphere where they feel valued and secure.  The needs of our students as individuals and their physical, moral, cognitive, social and emotional development form the basis of the school's pastoral structure.

At the centre of our pastoral structure is our House System.  We have 6 amazing houses.  Each House is led by one of the Senior Leadership Team:

School Houses (Small)

Each mentor is responsible for a small group of students and therefore able to build stronger relationships with each individual based on detailed and personal understanding.

On entry into the school each student is allocated to a house and a mentor group.

The mentor meets the group for daily sessions and assemblies.  The mentor not only has responsibility for the students' welfare on a day to day basis but plays an important part in raising achievement through target setting and supporting students academically.

All mentors work closely with a Raising Standards Lead and members of the leadership team who are involved in individual target setting and student tracking.

Meet our House Leaders!

Kemeneth - Mrs Davies

Sowena - Mrs Oliver

Aweni -  Mr Armstrong 

Tevi -  Mr Marshall

Medra -  Miss Gittins

Longya - Mrs Hall 


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