Thank you in advance to all parents who will support us by purchasing clothing that removes the potential for conflict and enables us all to focus on the more important matters of teaching and learning. We would like to remind you that shoes should be plain black, shirts should have a proper collar to enable the school tie to be properly worn and all skirts should be at least ‘knee length’. 

We expect all students to wear school uniform.  We firmly believe that it establishes the identity of Humphry Davy School and encourages a sense of pride in that identity.  Full and correct uniform must be worn at all times and in an appropriate manner. A high standard of appearance is expected and all parents are asked to ensure that their child is correctly dressed and in full uniform at all times. All uniform should be named. Students who are persistently dressed incorrectly for school will not be allowed to join their classes for lessons unless they borrow correct uniform from the school. In any instances of conflict or disagreement the final decision rests at the Headteacher's discretion.

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Humphry Davy School Uniform

  • A school jumper at all times. Hoodies, fleeces and alternative sweatshirts/cardigans are not acceptable.
  • A school white shirt with button collar, not a polo shirt or open necked blouse.
  • A school tie, tied up appropriately and to the top button or a "clip-on" tie.
  • Black full length tailored trousers, tailored shorts, or black school-style pleated skirt of sensible length. No jeans, cropped trousers, leggings or combat trousers. Please note the shortest acceptable length of a skirt is just above the knee.
  • Black footwear, low heeled and sensible, with black laces and no visible logos. Boots, open toed shoes and flip flops are not appropriate for school wear due to Health & Safety concerns.
  • School socks must be dark and plain in colour. No bright colours, patterns or stripes are permitted.
  • Coats should be worn only when necessary and not within the school buildings.
  • Nose, facial or other body piercings must not be worn. Covering such piercings during the day is not acceptable.
  • Students may not wear more than one small plain stud or sleeper in each ear lobe.
  • Only one small ring on each hand is permitted to be worn.
  • Caps, hats, or hoods should not be worn on school premises.
  • Personal electronic devices and mobile phones are prohibited during the school day and will be confiscated if in view of any member of staff.
  • Plain belts may only be worn through belt loops on trousers or skirts - not as fashion accessories.
  • Extreme hairstyles in colour or design, at the Headteacher's discretion, are not acceptable.
  • Any makeup should be subtle and discrete. Coloured nail varnish should not be worn.

Please note that Year 11 students will have the option to purchase a Leavers' Hoodie which can be worn from Easter.

House colours slim

The following items of clothing can be purchased from a retail outlet of choice.  Pre-loved items may be available from the school - please contact us for more details.

Black trousers/tailored shorts or black skirt (Required)

White shirt (Required)

Black shoes (Required)

Black/dark coloured socks (Required)

The following items of HDS uniform are available either from our suppliers, or from the pre-loved selection at school.

Tie (Required)

Sweatshirt (Required) 

PE Socks (Required)

PE Shorts, Skort or Leggings (Required)

PE T-Shirt (Required)

Rugby Shirt (Required)

PE Hoody (Optional)

Our Suppliers:

Whirlwind Sports
32 Market Place,
TR18 2JF

Tel: 01736 363855



Trophy Textiles

Unit 2D,
Pool Business Park,
Dudnance Lane,
TR15 3QW

Tel: 01209 713341

Fax: 01209 610336






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