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Year 7 Performance Evening

Posted on: 19/10/2022

Our Year 7 students have been working really hard this term ahead of their ‘Year 7 Performance Evening’.  This annual event is a celebration of the musical spirit of Humphry Davy School and is one of the first opportunities for our new Year 7s to experience on the joy of taking part and performing in a live concert!

All of their hard work paid off, coming together in a wonderful evening where every student got the chance to sing with their peers in a very large choir!   Accompanied by our wonderful peripatetic music tutors, our students performed ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, as well as the classic Beatles number ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’.   

The programme also featured  performances from the Year 7 and 8 band, as well as a solo from Year 7 singer Nell who received a standing ovation for her courageous performance of ‘Time After Time’. The evening culminated with an amazing performance of ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ accompanied by a flurry of paper aeroplanes directed at any adult within range! 

A massive ‘well done’ to all the students who have worked so hard over the past seven weeks to put on this amazing performance. For many of them this was their first time performing to a live audience and we encourage all year 7 to seek out the many performance opportunities on offer at HDS.

You can see their amazing performances by clicking on the ‘news’ button on our website.


The Wall


With a Little Help From my Friends

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