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Miles of Hope

Posted on: 20/08/2020

Amidst the heart-breaking reality of food poverty here in the far west of Cornwall, there are, within our community, groups of volunteers providing practical and psychological support to those in crisis. Penzance Rotary Club needs OUR HELP in order to continue to provide direct financial relief to the hardest hit families and to give more support to active local welfare groups.


In the past four months, Rotary has distributed £50 Food Vouchers via local schools to around 120 young families who have recently found themselves in great financial difficulty. These distributions have been facilitated through the 23 local primary and secondary schools across West Penwith.


In addition, many thousands of pounds have been deposited on account at Penwithian Cash & Carry to cover the cost of supplies for the three food banks in the area. Grants have also been given to Pengarth Day Centre towards their work delivering meals to the elderly and isolated, and to residents of the YMCA to help cover their increased electricity consumption during lockdown, to Bosence Farm, to the Fishermen's Mission and to a range of other community

support groups.


Penzance Rotary’s reserves are now running out -  but the deprivation in our community persists. To help put food back on the tables of hard-hit households, Rotary needs OUR help.

Donate What You Can - and create your own ‘Miles of Hope’ fundraising challenge.

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