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Morocco 2023!

Posted on: 12/12/2023

During October half term students visited South Morocco.  Leaving London early in the morning with an air temperature of about 10 degrees they arrived into Agadir to 25 degrees!  A wonderful welcome indeed.  After a short bus ride south the group arrived in Mirleft and were greeted with a traditional Moroccan lunch.  The next seven days were a mix of surfing, ancient French forts, camel riding, beach time, tagines, shopping, patisseries, amazing villas, incredible locals and just having the best time!

Students had this to say about their adventure: 

“Other than the surfing of course, I think one of the best parts was the cultural shock. It was so different to the UK!”
“Morocco was a really great experience - we got to meet the locals and learn new things about different cultures as well as spend most of the day in the amazing surf! The sun was the perfect temperature and the surf instructors were so kind and genuinely some of the best people I’ve ever met.”
“Great teachers and surf staff!  I had such a great time would defo go next year!”

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