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Music in Paris

Posted on: 21/07/2023

The penultimate week of this school year took the HDS musicians to foreign ground (literally) as they spent five amazing days touring around Paris. The group of 44 students,  which included five of HDS’s musical ensembles, set off late on Sunday night to catch an early morning ferry from Dover to Calais. From there they drove right into the heart of Paris where they enjoyed a music and culture filled week of outdoor performances, museum visits, a spot of sightseeing and a full day at ‘the land where magic lives’, Disneyland, Paris!

Each band had the opportunity to perform at the three Parisian venues and all of our acts really stepped up their game. It was great to see our young performers take everything they’ve learnt from this busy summer term and bring it to life on new, unfamiliar stages. A particular highlight was seeing the amazing support each student gave to those on stage through cheering and organised dance routines (choreographed by Mr Chinn). Another stand out moment was seeing Band of Fiasco take to the big stage at Disneyland. They performed like seasoned professionals and made the ginormous stage their own with their confidence and musical prowess.

The tour ended with the amazing 30th anniversary light and fireworks show at Disney, a truly wonderful show to cap off an unforgettable week of collaborative music making from our young performers. Each member of the group did HDS proud and we look forward to working with them again next academic year.

What an INCREDIBLE trip! Memories that will never be forgotten.

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