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KYBA visit to Eden

Posted on: 08/05/2022
A group of enthusiastic Year 7 students travelled to the Eden Project for the KYBA (Kernow Youth Book Award) ‘Celebration of Reading’ event. This was an inspirational day of authors speaking about the writing process, their inspiration, as well as their latest books. There was also a literary quiz in which HDS students excelled in the general literature and Harry Potter section!
Our students met authors and poets Emily Barr, Karl Nova, Rob Badcock and Claire Owen and experienced a reading from a young student who has also written several books! We were also treated to a couple of exciting performances by one of the UK’s leading poets and hip-hop artists, Karl Nova, that everyone especially enjoyed.
There was plenty of time after the show for students to ask questions, get books signed and take photos. The students also took this opportunity to buy themselves several new books and received a generous offer from Rob Badcock who gave them one of his books for free!
It was great for the KYBA group to get back to ‘business as usual’. So much fun was had by all in attendance, and it was great to be back at the Youth Book Awards!
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