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We know that students value the advice of their parents/carers, particularly when it comes to making important decisions for the future. We also know that keeping up to date on the wide range of ever-changing options for students can be challenging and that’s why this section of our website provides key information in a concise format so that parents and carers can help their children make informed decisions. 

A really great site for information for parents/carers is Careerpilot : Parent zone as it is designed to help parents and carers support young people in making the right decision about study and work.

Looking beyond Year 11 we encourage our students to actively engage with to explore future career pathways.  It is useful to plan backwards when looking at what to do post 16 and post 18:

  • Investigate a career or area of interest (use the website links below).
  • Find out what qualifications are needed for that career: do you need a university degree?  What A-Levels or BTECs do you need?  What grades at GCSE do you need?
  • Where are those qualifications offered? Are they going to provide you with the best outcomes?  (look at their pass rates).
  • What qualifications would you like to choose?

Our careers advisor, Helen Richards, is always happy to answer questions from parents/carers and can be contacted via

For more information on Careers Offer please click here. 

For information on our Options Process click here. 

Resources for Independent Careers Advice and Guidance – Careers SouthWest Group  – Careers Pilot – iCould – Personality quiz that can help with thinking about what type of career you may be suited to. – National Careers Service  – Next Steps Cornwall

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