Examination Results 2023

Congratulations to the amazing Year 11 students graduating this summer from Humphry Davy School!

It is one of the great privileges of being headteacher to share in the magical moment of opening GCSE result envelopes and watching anxious expressions morph into smiles and joy and this year there has been much to celebrate!

Feedback throughout the morning was that students achieved the grades needed to pursue the ‘A’ Level courses and apprenticeship careers of their choice and with 45% of Year 11 achieving the top grade 9, 8 or 7 (equivalent to the old A* and A GCSE grades) in at least one subject, we can be confident our efforts to find and nurture the talents possessed by each and every student here at Humphry Davy School are paying dividends.

Along their Humphry Davy journey, members of our Year 11 cohort have achieved local, county and national recognition and success in music and the arts, debating, science, technology, engineering and mathematics competitions, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and a wide range of sports. It has been a pleasure and privilege to attend their dramatic and musical performances and witness their creative flair and collaborative, compassionate and inclusive community spirit. We are proud of the wonderful young adults and superb role models they have become for our younger students and the wider Penzance community.

My sincere thanks to the dedicated and experienced team of staff here at HDS who have made all this possible. The hard work, positive attitudes and dedication of students and staff have been rewarded with many, many excellent grades and some amazing individual performances.

Once again, we have students whose achievements rank in the top 1% of performances across the country.

Special mention to Thea, Molly, Lola and Callie with the equivalent of 36 of the old A*/A grades between them.

Also, to Alfie, Zac, Joel, Nat, and Sid with the equivalent of 37 of the old A*/A grades between them.

In addition, Molly, Steph, Ebb, Paige, Jasper, Lilou, Halime, Zailee and Libby have made some of the greatest progress since SATs, way back in their primary school!

Once I am confident all students have received their results we will share some further details.

Initial analysis has identified particularly strong performance in Music, History, French, Health and Social Care, Art & Photography and Sport. The creative and performing arts are central to the curriculum offer at HDS and whilst schools across the country experienced a significant fall in the number of entries in Music, Drama, Art and Design, we have seen numbers continue to grow and outcomes improve.

Parents and carers have every right to be proud of their children and my thanks as Headteacher go to you all for your wonderful support over the years.  On behalf of the Governors and staff at Humphry Davy School, I would like to wish all our students ‘Good Luck!’ and continued success as they move on to the next stage of their education and careers. We look forward to hearing stories of your future achievements!

Our focus now is firmly on ensuring future year groups can mirror the success of the 2023 cohort.

My message to new Year 7 students starting in September and to any prospective parents, is that you can be confident and reassured from the 2023 results that hard work, determination and the support of our fantastic staff here at HDS will ensure children are well placed to achieve their dreams and fulfil their future ambitions.


Bill Marshall
Headteacher - Humphry Davy School


“Sincere congratulations to all the students in Year 11 celebrating their GCSE results today and on behalf of the governing body, my thanks to all the wonderful staff at Humphry Davy who have guided and supported you to such great achievements.”

Terry Binns, Chair of Humphry Davy School Governing Body

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