Activities Week 2022

Activities Week 2022 - 11th July to 15th July


Every year at HDS we run a jam packed, fun filled week of exciting activities for our students.

Details of this year's activities can be found below.  

Please ensure that you have completed and returned a consent form if your child is going off site for an activity.  You can download a consent form below.

On Monday morning, all students should go straight to the room allocated for their activity, where they will be registered.  Itineraries for all off site activities are attached below.

Activity Trip Leader Meeting Room
Swims & Things Group 1 Mr Jupp 58
Swims & Things Group 2 Mrs Hall 57
Things & Swims / Beach Mrs Stuteley and Mrs Jones Drama Hall
Things Mr White and Mrs Thurston 33
Carbis Bay Mr Smith and Dr Frost 55 and 56
Sewing Bee Mrs Holland 74
DoE Mr Annis and Mr Kirby 23
Print/Pottery Miss Demetriou 75
Professional Chef Mrs Kersey 46
Local Landmarks Mr Armstrong 8
Skating & Boarding Mrs Phelan 5
Indoor Rock Climbing Mr Leonard 16
Surfing at Sennen Mr Brown 6
Horseriding 1 Miss Gittins 53
Horseriding 2 Mrs Berryman 53
On the Water Mr Barner Fitness Suite
Football  Miss Short 37
Jewellery Mrs Archer and Mr Lewis 41
Digital Art Mr Foulds 44
Plymouth OAA Mr Ball 11
Film Making Mrs Copley 14
Science Mr Preece 54




Consent Form

You can download a copy of our consent form here.


Consent Form


Page Downloads Date  
Beach Carbis Bay and Jubilee Pool 08th Jul 2022 Download
Horse Riding Newton Equestrian 08th Jul 2022 Download
Horse Riding Standing Stone Stables 08th Jul 2022 Download
Local Landmarks 08th Jul 2022 Download
On The Water 08th Jul 2022 Download
Plymouth OAA 08th Jul 2022 Download
Skating and Boarding Mount Hawke 08th Jul 2022 Download
Swims and Things Group 1 08th Jul 2022 Download
Swims and Things Group 2 08th Jul 2022 Download
Things 08th Jul 2022 Download
Rock Climbing 08th Jul 2022 Download
Things and Swims 08th Jul 2022 Download
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