Identify What You

Already Know

Complete Some 


Recap What you 

Need to Know

Create a poster showing keywords and concepts and an example. Write 4 worded questions, with worked answers, at the level you’re working at. Prepare a revision resource, poster, flash cards, record yourself explaining the learning, rhyme etc.
Brainstorm everything that you know about the subject.
Working backwards (for example, questions where the area or circumference is given, and you have to find the radius).
Independent learning (using mymaths, Corbettmaths, Hegarty Maths and/or a revision guide, learn about the concepts and skills at the next level)
Identify and write about four ways the concepts or skills in this topic are used in the real world.
Forward questions (‘normal’ questions testing your understanding/skills at the level you’re working at).
Create a list of the vocabulary that you need to know and record accurate definitions in your words.
Develop a game using the skills needed around the level you’re working at.
Complete a set of exam questions.
Write a set of instructions explaining how to complete questions at your level.





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