Full Staff Listing.

Senior Leadership Team

Staff Name Role Email
Mr W Marshall Headteacher BMarshall@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr G Armstrong Deputy Headteacher GArmstrong@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs K Oliver Deputy Headteacher KOliver@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs T Grainger Business Manager TGrainger@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss T Gittins Assistant Headteacher TGittins@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S Hall Assistant Headteacher SHall@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr J Bunoomally Director of Operations JBunoomally@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
SLT Associates    
Mr T Ball SLT Associate TBall@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs R Stuteley SLT Associate RStuteley@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk

Teaching Staff

Staff Name Faculty Subject Other Roles Email
Mr S Annis Mathematics Mathematics   SAnnis@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs N Archer Applied Learning Resistant Materials Head of Faculty NArcher@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr T Ball Creative Arts Physical Education Head of Upper School/ House Leader - Longya TBall@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr L Barner Creative Arts Physical Education   LBarner@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr J Beech Mathematics Mathematics   JBeech@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs H Berryman Science Science   HBerryman@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Dr A Blair Mathematics Mathematics House Leader - Kemeneth ABlair@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs A Bradley-Metcalf Creative Arts Music Director of Music ABradley@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss S Bradford MFL MFL   SBradford@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr R Braybrooks Applied Learning Technology   RBraybrooks@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr L Brown Creative Arts Physical Education House Leader - Aweni LBrown@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss C Church Humanities Geography   CChurch@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Ms B Copley English English   BCopley@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs B Corin Creative Arts Physical Education   RMatthews@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss K Cunniffe MFL French/Spanish Lead Teacher of MFL KCunniffe@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs C Davey Humanities History   CDavey@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss K Demetriou Creative Arts Art   KDemetriou@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs A Erents Humanities Geography   AErents@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr B Foulds Applied Learning ICT & Photography   BFoulds@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Dr M Frost Science Science Head of Faculty MFrost@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss T Gittins Humanities Geography Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO TGittins@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S Hall Science Science Assistant Headteacher SHall@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Ms S Harvey Applied Learning Catering/Textiles   SHarvey@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss V Hickman Humanities Health and Social Care   VHickman@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr D Jeffrey Humanities Geography   DJeffrey@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs A Jones Humanities Religious Studies Head of Faculty AJones@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr T Jones Science Science   TJones@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr  A Jupp Science Science 2nd in Faculty AJupp@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs M Kersey Applied Learning Catering/Textiles 2nd in Faculty MKersey@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss S Kleiman Creative Arts Music   SKleiman@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr S Kirby Mathematics Mathematics 2nd in Faculty SKirby@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss S Magor Science Science   SGlinski@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss H Mathias Creative Arts Physical Education   HMathias@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs T Michael Science Science   TMichael@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr A Morgan Humanities Geography   AMorgan@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr M Morley Applied Learning Animal Care   MMorley@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Ms B Motture Mathematics Mathematics   BMotture@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs T Nancholas English English 2nd in Faculty TNancholas@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss R Pollock English English   RPollock@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S Popp English English   Spopp@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr J Leonard English     JLeonard@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs L Prior MFL French/Spanish House Leader - Sowena LPrior@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr B Quick Mathematics Mathematics   BQuick@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs B Rainbow English English/French   BRainbow@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs R Royle Science Science   RRoyle@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr D Russell Science Science   DRussell@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs C Sigrist Smith Applied Learning Catering/Textiles House Leader - Tevi CSigristsmith@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr R Smith English English Head of Faculty RSmith@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S Smith English English Assistant SENDCO SMoseley@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss S Stephens MFL French/Spanish   SStephens@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss S Stovell Creative Arts Physical Education   SStovell@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs R Stuteley Creative Arts Drama Head of Faculty RStuteley@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs R Thurston Humanities Citizenship Head of Lower School/ House Leader - Medra RThurston@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr D White Mathematics Mathematics Head of Faculty DWhite@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S White Mathematics Mathematics   SWhite@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs K Wilson-Powell Applied Learning Catering/Textiles   KWilson-Powell@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk

Support Staff

Staff Name Role Email
Miss J Allen Teaching Assistant &
Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss N Andrews Marketing and Publicity &
Lead Animal Care Technician
Ms C Atkins Librarian CAtkins@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss M Bacon Staff Cover/HR Assistant MBacon@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs N Barnes Lunchtime Supervisor &
Animal Care Technician
Mrs C Baylis  Teaching Assistant CBaylis@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss S Belsom Evening Site Supervisor SBelsom@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss E  Bettany-Fund Cover Supervisor EBettanyFund@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs A Blease Assistant to Business Manager (Acting) ABlease@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss A Bratt Student Support Worker - Lower School ABratt@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr R Braybrooks  Applied Learning Technician RBraybrooks@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S Britton  Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mr H Bosworth  Music Technician HBosworth@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr L Brown Enrichment and Well Being Coordinator LBrown@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss V Brown  Teaching Assistant VBrown@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr H Bullock  Site and Premises Manager HBullock@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S Collins  Student Services SCollins@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs T Coleman  Teaching Assistant TColeman@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs D Dallimore Teaching Assistant &
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr M Furneaux IT Technician MFurneaux@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs P Gilbert Teaching Assistant &
Mrs L Goudge Student Support Worker - Upper School LGoudge@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr S Greet Human Resources Coordinator SGreet@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr G Griffiths Assistant Site Manager GGriffiths@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr G Grosvenor  Art Technician GGrosvenor@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Ms S Harvey  Applied Learning & Animal Care Technician SHarvey@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs L Hopkins Headteacher’s PA LJenkin@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss N James Student Support Worker - Inclusion NJames@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss F Johns Teaching Assistant - Maths Faculty FJohns@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs C Johnson  Teaching Assistant CJohnson@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs K Loder Drama Technician KLoder@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Ms H Mackness Teaching Assistant HMackness@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr T Mitchell Groundsman TMitchell@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs D Nelson Assistant to the SENDCO DNelson@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs W Oram Student Data Manager WOram@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S Pocock Student Support Worker - Lower School SPocock@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs H Prichard Receptionist (Acting) HPrichard@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs M Priest  Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs L Phelan Inclusion Room Administrator LPhelan@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs B Rainbow Teaching Assistant - English Faculty BRainbow@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr A Richards  IT Technician ARichards@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss A Roberts Assistant to the Business Manager ARoberts@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr J Roberts Teaching Assistant JRoberts@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs D Rodger Teaching Assistant - Science Faculty DRodger@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs J Rollason Student Services Coordinator JRollason@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs S Rolls Exams Manager and Curriculum Administrator SRolls@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss A Sloley Teaching Assistant - Maths Faculty ASloley@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs K Smale Finance Officer KSmale@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mr P Smith Enrichment Activities Coordinator PSmith@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs M Sperling Teaching Assistant MSperling@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs G Stevens Teaching Assistant - Humanities Faculty GStevens@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Miss T Surridge  Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mr T Williams Science Technician TWilliams@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Mrs K Wilson Powell Applied Learning Technician KWilson-Powell@humphry-davy.cornwall.sch.uk
Ms M Wright  Lunchtime Supervisor  
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