School Information

Full Staff Listing

Mr. W. Marshall

Deputy Headteacher:

Mr. C. Liles

School Business Manager:
Mrs. T. Grainger

Director of Strategic Resource Developments:
Mr. J. Bunoomally

Assistant Headteachers:
Miss. T. Gittins - SENDCO

Mr. S. Royle

Mrs. S. Hall

Secondments to the Senior Team:
Mr. R. Smith

Teaching Staff


Mr S Annis Mathematics Mathematics

Mrs N Archer Applied Learning Resistant Materials Head of Faculty  
Mr T Ball Creative Arts Physical Education Head of Lower School  
Mrs J Bareham Humanities Geography Acting 2nd in Faculty  
Mr R Barnes Creative Arts Physical Education House Leader  
Dr A Blair Mathematics Mathematics    
Miss A Bradley Creative Arts Music Director of Music  
Mr B Cantellow Mathematics Mathematics    
Mrs  B Corin Creative Arts Physical Education    
Mrs M Kersey Applied Learning Catering/Textiles 2nd in Faculty  
Ms B Copley English English    
Miss L Cumes English/CA English and Drama    
Miss K Cunniffe MFL French/Spanish Lead Teacher of MFL  
Mrs C Davey Humanities History    
Miss K Demetriou Creative Art Art    
Mrs H Douglas English English    
Mrs A Erents Humanities Geography    
Mr B Foulds Applied Learning ICT    
Dr M Frost Science Science Head of Faculty  
Miss T Gittins Humanities Geography Assistant Headteacher and SENDCO  
Mrs S Glinski Science Science    
Mrs S Hall Science Science Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs J Hands Science Science 2nd in Faculty  
Miss V Hickman Humanities Health and Social Care    
Mrs A Jones Humanities Religious Studies Head of Faculty  
Mr T Jones Science Science    
Mr A Jupp Science Science    
Mr S Kirby Mathematics Mathematics 2nd in Faculty  
Mr C Liles   Mathematics Deputy Headteacher  
Mrs B Corin Creative Arts Physical Education    
Miss T Michael Science Science    
Mr M Morley Applied Learning Animal Care    
Mrs S Smith English English    
Mrs T Nancholas English English    
Mrs S Popp English English 2nd in Faculty  
Mrs L Prior MFL French/Spanish    
Mr B Quick Maths Maths    
Ms E Rivas Ruiz MFL French/Spanish    
Miss A Retallack Music      
Mr S Royle Creative Arts Music Assistant Headteacher  
Mr K Scherewode Humanuties Humanities    
Miss C Sigrist Applied Learning Catering/Textiles House Leader  
Mr R Smith English English Head of Faculty  
Miss S Stovell Creative Arts Physical Education    
Mrs R Stuteley Creative Arts Drama Head of Faculty  
Mrs R Thurston Humanities Citizenship Head of Upper School  
Mr D White Mathematics Mathematics Head of Faculty  
Mrs S White Mathematics Mathematics    


SUPPORT STAFF – September 2017


Cover Supervisors

Teaching Assistants


Lunchtime Supervisors

Site Staff

Mr L Brown

Miss J Allen

Miss N Andrews

Mrs M Priest

Mr H Bullock (Site Manager)

Mrs S Moon

Mrs C Baylis

Miss J Baumber

Mrs D Silkatiene 

Mr G Griffiths (Dep Site Manager)

Mrs M Thomson

Mrs T Coleman

Mr H Bosworth

Mrs N Barnes

Mr T Mitchell  (Groundsman)


Mrs D Dallimore

Mr R Braybrooks

Ms K Morley

Mr G Grosvenor (Evening Site Caretaker)


Mrs J Egan

Mr M Furneaux

Mrs J Stevens



Mrs P Gilbert


Ms A Norton



Mrs S Howell

Mrs R Rees

Mrs S Britton



Miss H Hitchens

Mr A Richards




Mrs C Johnson

Mr T Williams




Mrs H Mackness

Mrs K Wilson-Powell


School Counsellor


Mear  Jane



Mr D Beaney


Mr M Morley





Mrs D Nelson





Mrs B Rainbow





Mrs D Rodger





Miss A Sloley





Mrs M Sperling





Mrs G Stevens





Miss J Trembath









ADMIN STAFF – September 2017


Miss N

Marketing and Publicity Officer


Ms C



Miss M

Cover/SLT Support


Miss L

Inclusion Room Administrator


Mrs C

Student and Family Welfare Coordinator


Miss L

Student Support Worker


Mrs T

Business Manager


Mr S

Human Resources


Mrs L

Headteacher’s PA


Mrs T

Attendance Officer


Mrs J

Pastoral Support


Miss A

Student Support Worker


Miss E



Mrs W

Data Manager


Miss A



Mrs S

Exams Officer


Mrs J

Main Office Team Leader


Mrs K

Finance Officer


Mr P

Outdoor Learning Coordinator