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The Art Department

In Art and Design we aim to foster pupil’s creativity through a structured programme of activities. Pupils are taught to observe, represent and record the world around them in detail.
Work is developed from observation, experience and imagination. We encourage pupils to think about and record both visual and tactile elements such as colour, pattern, texture, line, tone, shape, form and space.
We teach pupils to explore the qualities of different materials and processes whilst also allowing them to experiment with combinations for effect. This includes projects in both two and three dimensional forms of varying different scales.
In order to give pupils an understanding in this broad subject they are educated in art through the ages across a range of art movements and in a variety of cultures.
Pupils are taught to create art and evaluate its suitability for purpose and meaning. They review what they and others have done in order to develop their work and make improvements.
Throughout the subject, we encourage pupils to recognise successes in the exploration work and identify what they might change in their current projects or develop in their future work to reach a successful conclusion.
The art department believes that art should be enjoyed in and out of curriculum time and therefore we set homework projects to complement work being completed in class. We like to offer our pupils the chance to enrich their experiences and frequently take on opportunities and get involved in external projects and competitions as well as community events such as Mazey day.