The English Baccalaureate

The English Baccalaureate is a national qualification designed to allow our students to demonstrate high achievement across a range of academic achievements. Introduced in 2010, Students are required to reach Grade C or above in 5 selected GCSEs to fulfill the requirements of the English Baccalaureate: English, Maths, Science (Triple or Core and Additional), a Modern Foreign Language (eg French) and a Humanities subject (eg History or Geography).

The Baccalaureate ultimately demands a consistent approach to academic study and thus provides future employers with a strong indication of a candidate's high quality. It is likely that this qualification will become a feature of eligibility criteria for high paying jobs and courses at various universities in the future and it is therefore important for our students to consider their option choices particularly carefully at the end of Year 8 to ensure that they have access to the English Baccalaureate if they wish. Full support will be given to all students during this options process.