The Applied Learning Faculty

Welcome to the Applied Learning Faculty

The Applied Learning Faculty at Humphry Davy School has undergone rapid change over the last few years, with the introduction of new leadership, multiple new high-quality staff, and a significant investment in resources, which supports the high level of student demand for the courses offered.

This faculty has its ethos based firmly around that of the school and seeks to inspire awe and wonder through creative journeys.  The faculty incorporates multiple subject areas including KS3 courses in  3D Design, Textiles, Food and Computing; and KS4 courses in Three Dimensional Design; Food and Cookery, Textile Art,  Health & Social Care, Photography, Creative Media Production and Small Animal Care.

The faculty is fortunate to have a highly skilled, and creativity focused team of teachers and support staff, who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have experiences which are transferable to multiple subject areas within the faculty.  The faculty is staffed by six full-time teachers. In addition to the teaching staff, we have four technicians and a teaching assistant who work solely in the Applied Learning Faculty.

The Applied Learning Faculty is based in purpose built rooms, which are designed specifically to address the needs of each specialism.  Both Food Technology and Three Dimensional Design have additional drafting rooms attached to their making environments.  Photography takes place in one of the school’s Mac Suites, which comprises of 30 machines and photographic studio.  Each specialism has ample access to IT facilities for computer-aided design/manufacture, and Adobe Creative Suite is deployed across the entire school site.

In Key Stage 3 (years 7 & 8) students are allocated three periods per fortnight of Technology, in which they carousel through a range of topics in the specialisms of Food Technology, 3D Design, Textiles and Computing.

In Key Stage 4 (years 9 to 11) students choose one of our subject specialisms as an option choice, which they would go on to study at GCSE level, through four lessons per fortnight.

The faculty offers opportunities for students to access out of hours learning, with our dedicated staff providing after school sessions, and open studio most evenings.  These sessions are used by students to catch up on missed work, for self-directed study, or to experience broader opportunities offered in addition to the prescribed curriculum.  Our highly successful gifted and talented program is based on the young enterprise scheme and is implemented with the collaboration of all staff in the faculty.