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The Science Faculty

'Science is a great game. It is inspiring and refreshing. The playing field is the universe itself.'
Isidor Isaac Rabi (1898-1988) U. S. physicist. Nobel prize 1944.

At Humphry Davy School students study science through a series of stimulating courses that emphasise their investigative skills. Students are encouraged to learn how to work as scientists, developing a series of scientific skills in the context of knowledge and understanding of key concepts, models, and ideas. Wherever possible students are encouraged to link their learning in school to real-life examples, making critical and safe use of the wealth of information which can be accessed electronically independently of the classroom.

The science curriculum is enriched by trips to local and national science events of interest, for example lectures at Penwith College, the Green Power event at RAF St. Mawgan, the Lego engineering conference in Manchester and a trip to the O2 Arena in London to hear Professor Brian Cox speak about the Big Bang and enjoy a private meeting with him afterwards. Staff from the science department have also led sessions for other teachers at the Association for Science Education (ASE) National annual conferences in Reading, Nottingham, and Birmingham on improving teaching and learning in science.

Students and staff from the science faculty are working with partner schools in Uganda to develop an understanding of science across international borders. Some of our gifted scientists from across the year groups will be presenting their work at an International Conference at the Eden Project.

Our in-house Key Stage 3 course builds on the knowledge, skills, and understanding of our students' Key Stage 2 Science Study. Students in years 7 and 8 study Biology, Chemistry and Physics, integrating scientific skills with appropriate contexts. They follow a ‘Learning Thread’ that can be accessed in or out of school.

At Key Stage 4, years 9, 10 and 11 students study for at least two Science GCSEs with around a third of students studying for a Triple Award in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Year 8 students make their option choices for science in years 9, 10 and 11 with guidance from their science teachers and parents.

We offer a number of new courses to match the new Science curriculum requirements. Year 9 can choose from AQA Triple Science (this results in three GCSEs, one each in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, or Combined Science (which results in two GCSEs).

The science department runs several extra curricular activities including Kit Car club, Lego Engineering club (programming), and Science club with nominated Science Ambassadors to promote science across the school and take a lead in science activities.

We offer student support sessions after school, every week, all through the year, for any student that needs support with classwork, homework or looking to extend the understanding. We have everything in place to ensure that all students achieve their potential.