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The Maths Faculty

In maths the students learn a range of Functional Maths skills combined with problem solving skills that will set them up for life beyond school. The maths department strongly believes that learning for understanding and that learning should be modern, stimulating, creative and fun. We focus on the processes in solving problems with an emphasis on active learning and classroom discussion. The resultant lessons are varied and require a high level of student participation.

We have 5 modern classrooms; all are fully equipped with the most up to date learning aids including Interactive Whiteboards, Graphic and Scientific Calculators, Document Cameras, 'Show Me' Boards and a wide selection of mathematical equipment.

All Talented and Gifted students are identified and are offered a wide range of extension opportunities including Membership of the Society of Young Mathematicians, participation in a number of Regional and National Maths Challenges, Master Classes and a Gifted and Talented maths. We have a team of Maths Lead Learners recruited from our year 10 students who do outreach work with our local pimary schools, are active on our Primary Challenge Daysand support the learning in the maths department. For those who are struggling to make progress we have developed a rigorous system for identifying students who are showing signs of being stuck and offer extensive intervention programs both in class time and beyond. Students who exceed our expectations have the chance to be awarded the very prestigious ‘Student of the Month’ award.

Students are offered the chance to participate in a games club, a chess club, the weekly maths puzzle, , the cipher club, Mathematical Discovery Club and also enter the schools fantasy football league, usually with an excess of 100 participants. Families and students are all invited to join us in the annual Maths and Music Pub Quiz which gives opportunity to test the brain cells in a more informal situation.


Homework  is important in maths as it provides students the opportunity to reflect on their learning and therefore make it more concrete in their minds. This could be a simple exercise, a creative homework or an online homework through Hegarty Maths. Every KS3 student is issued with a homework exercise book in which they can create and develop their homework. When a Hegarty Maths homework is issued then the student should be expected to make notes from the video in their homework book (with some worked examples) before doing the quiz.

It is expected that every class will get one piece of homework per week, which can be expected to take between 30 and 45 minutes. That homework will be communicated through the Show My Homework website in order to allow students and parents to keep track of our expectations.