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The English Faculty

The study of English at Humphry Davy School empowers all of our students to communicate effectively in the wider world via their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

An exciting and motivating curriculum is provided from year seven, which allows students to participate in a range of learning experiences, often using the study of film, music and drama to develop an understanding of the use of language in the mass media and in their own environment.

The curriculum for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 includes theatre, gallery and cinema trips, in addition to workshops with visiting writers, further engaging students in their learning experience.

The level of challenge is high in English and Gifted and Talented students are mentored to attain the highest level possible for their abilities.

A range of interventions exist in English to secure the progress of students who find the subject demanding. Intervention at Key Stage 3 includes One-to-One, small group and 'Read, Write, Inc' to help students develop their basic levels of language skills. At Key Stage 4, 'Study Plus' focuses on preparing and developing language skills to support students in their GCSE English examinations. Our 'Accelerate' groups offer smaller class sizes, more ICT access and regular home/school communication to boost their levels on a half-termly basis.

Students in year ten study the AQA GCSE syllabus for the combined GCSE which includes English Language and English Literature. The courses are personalised to allow students to explore their creative writing skills, engage with our greatest writers and to study 21st century methods of communication which have changed how we view our language heritage.

Regular assessment and monitoring via examination, controlled assessment, interviews with students and student voice, enables the English Department to tailor study to the individual’s learning needs.

SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) marks are now assessed in almost all subject areas – the importance of technical accuracy is on the increase year by year. The following link will take you to an online shop where you can buy software that supports all aspects of cross-curricular literacy up to A* level. Simple to install, run and monitor. A GCSE must have!

Mr Smith – Head of English Faculty