Day 15 - Thursday 20th July

Our Day 15 report for Thursday 20th July is written by James

So today started out normally; wake up, shower, eat and go. Once we got to the school I had to wait about twenty minutes for the head teacher to sort out my new group which was a pain but unavoidable so I was fine to wait, once we eventually got the correct class we headed up to the normal room and found mine and Graces two previous groups waiting to be taught. Eventually we persuaded them to go back to their usual lessons. Once the actual lesson with the correct students started it seemed to go quite smoothly which was a nice relief. After the lesson finished we did some sewing and got in the minibuses (us and 15 other prefects) this obviously resulted in a very cramped but quick bus ride to a short distance away  - Karunga viewpoint. I picked up my camera and we were off.

Along the way I met a prefect who had possibly the best name I have ever heard - he was called James. We bonded over this fact almost instantly and had an interesting discussion about homophobia in Uganda; this resulted in me discovering that “homosexual acts” resulted in life imprisonment which wasn’t the most fun fact I’ve ever heard but facts about life imprisonment for love never are really. After that short conversation which involved me telling James 2 that I was a catholic that prayed every night (I’m not and I don’t) however the small white lie was worth it as by the end of our discussion we were there, we made it.

I can honestly say that this viewpoint was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen, I was honestly speechless. After about half an hour of jaw dropping views we made our way back to the minibuses, compared pictures and made our way back.

This was swiftly followed by a lovely lunch and an hour of washing, which was an… interesting experience for me all things considered but I was running out of clean clothes so didn’t really have a choice. We then rehearsed for the upcoming talent show. Once all this was done we dressed smart and headed down to Kisoro’s poshest ”tourland” for a nice meet and greet/meal with the new prefects (one of which was also called James) the meal was, as always, amazing, we practiced an interesting foot dance which I’m sure you will be taught on our arrival. The whole evening was a great goodbye (and good luck) to the new prefect team.


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