Day 14 - Wednesday 19th July

Our Day 14 report for Wednesday 19th July is written by Mia.

Today was a very interesting day with teaching in the morning and an array of activities in the afternoon, including sewing, volleyball, football, cricket, sack race, egg and spoon race and tug of war, which our boys won (with a little help from Dan!). Their version of a sports day is very different to ours. We are able to fit 15 different activities in an hour, whereas in Uganda three events lasted over two hours, a classic example of African timing, but nevertheless a very enjoyable afternoon!

While others were enjoying volleyball, some were mending the students’ jumpers and teaching them how to sew, which will hopefully have a lasting impact at the school.

At Humphry Davy, we are so lucky with the amazing sports staff we have and the incredible equipment and facilities at our disposal but at Vision, they aren’t so lucky. We have the astro to play football on when our own field is wet and this is equipped with proper football goals and then we can use our field for winter and summer sports alike. 

After a fun packed afternoon, we started to say goodbye to the lovely staff at the guest house which have made The Countryside our home away from home. Whilst having our last evening meal at the guest house we reflected on the amazing time we have had here and how the brilliant staff have made it so much better. Thomas, Aidan and Richard have made a special connection with one of the staff members, Francis, shown through Thomas’ moving speech, embrace and later on tears (which you don’t see everyday!) about the kindness the staff have shown us. Thomas wasn’t the only one to shed a tear as all of us have made a very special connection with the guest house staff members. The main three staff we had thanks for were Francis, Ruth and Demansene. We showed our gratitude through small gifts and plenty of hugs. These three staff have made us feel so happy and welcome at the guest house and have made this trip that much better and they have truly become our friends.

Thomas did a little speech for Francis saying thank you from all of us and expressed the great gratitude we all felt about how welcome Francis has made us feel, we all came together and made a gift bag for each three staff members, in each bag had one interact top in and other little gifts in.

I made a special connection with Demansene as I met his daughter last week who had recently been released from hospital after suffering a throat infection and Malaria. This was something I found really difficult to deal with and understand, how can something that is so easily prevented with a malaria net at night still be affecting such young children? The manager couldn’t even afford to take time off from work to take his daughter back to his Mother’s house and instead had to put her on a motorbike all by herself. In Africa, they don’t have any form of free healthcare so in order to pay for any treatment his daughter had needed he must remain at work. I got the opportunity to meet his daughter and she was so lovely and sweet, it made me so sad that she had such a horrible disease so young but it was good to see that she was making a full recovery. I was also pleased to know that she made it safely back to her Grandmother’s house and is there recovering well. 


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