Day 13 - Tuesday 18th July

Our Day 13 report for Tuesday 18th July is written by Velvet.

Today we went to the Vision School for our second lesson of the week, everything went as planned and all is going well in terms of teaching. We then spent the rest of our day at the school. We went to the top level of their new building and visited an art class. It fascinated me, the way their interpretations of art had a much more biblical aspect. Most pieces were either sketches or sculptures. The sculptures did not capture their perspectives as much as the drawings had done, as all of the paper mache figures were African land mammals and did not portray any deeper meaning to them. However, they were beautiful and represented the culture of a Ugandan lifestyle. Personally, I was much more intrigued by the sketches and I felt in my element when lots of the students started showcasing their work to me in old tattered sketch books. The fact that the finished pieces were tinged brown with dust and crinkled at the edges where many fingers had thumbed through the pages gave the art a sense of character, which I very much liked. The fact that they took pride in their pieces, but lay them around carelessly interested me a lot.

After looking around the art department we went back to the Countryside Guest House and had lunch. We then went back to the Vision School and took part in a dancing and drumming workshop, which basically consisted of a circle where everybody stood and watched a group of performers dance in traditional Ugandan outfits. This was soon juxtaposed by their take on modern dancing which didn’t express the same kind of passion as the traditional dancing had done.

At the end of the session, we all participated in a massive game of cricket. The students at Kisoro Vision School are fast learners and managed to pick up cricket really fast, so it was a lovely way to end our afternoon.

Later on in the evening, we went to a place called Sawa Sawa where we had a buffet that, to be honest, I was not too keen on as most of it contained meat. There were some rather delicious grilled veggies though, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The pink rice, on the other hand, tasted identical to the taste of my malaria tablets, so I tried to avoid that. Elsa agreed with me and said that it had a medicinal taste about it as well. But the highlight of the day by far was when we all met the owner of Sawa Sawa’s three-month-old son named Nisa. He was a whopper of a baby and looked at least five times his actual age. Everyone took turns holding him, and when it came to my turn I had no clue what I was doing. He just sat on my lap and I cuddled him for a bit; he was honestly the cutest baby ever, apart from Spear who was another Ugandan baby we had met on our first few days in Africa. The funniest part though was when Nisa got passed round to the boys, and all of the girls including myself awed at Richard, Thomas, Aidan and James caressing the little (or in this case, rather large) baby. All in all, it was a perfect end to the day.


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