Day 11 - Sunday 16th July

Our Day 11 report for Sunday 16th July is written by Richard.

Today we went to experience how church differs in Uganda to the UK. We found that they are a lot more welcoming and musical. The service started with some songs, using instruments such as drums, guitars and bass guitars, topped off with disco lights. I do not think that a church in such a poor society should have such expensive ways of displaying their love to God, as most churches in the UK don’t have things like disco lights, although we do have better quality churches in general. After the songs, there was lots of preaching from various people followed by a collection. I don’t think they need to spend so much money on the church and people because most of the money spent is the money raised during the service from the poor people who struggle to feed their families, who think they have to pay to release their sins to God. I found some of what they were saying quite forceful, however, I feel they don’t see it this way. There was then more music which was more religious songs. The service lasted about one hour African time meaning it lasted about two hours UK time.

After the service ended we went back to the guest house, before we went to the Travellers’ rest for a very nice lunch and to use their wifi because we cannot use the wifi in the guest house! We then came back to the guest house and were chilling watching films, playing games and washing clothes.

We then had dinner, after we all had a fun quiz night, with questions on the geography of the UK and Uganda, Crisp flavours and an animal round. Judith had written the quiz for us and I think we enjoyed a bit of friendly competition after a long week.


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