Day 6 - Tuesday 11th July

The write up for Day 6 - Tuesday 11th July comes from Elsa.

After a slightly uneasy night, our room was woken up by the loudest squawking bird that I had to throw a flip-flop at its perch to make it stop. Now I was up, I began mentally preparing myself for the day to come. Today was a recovery day for most people and at breakfast we were pleasantly surprised when everyone turned up. It was the first time we had all been together since the sickness broke out and I felt pleased that everyone was on the mend.

Today we were heading to the Vision school to meet the Prefects. I was a bit nervous as I still wasn’t that good at understanding their accent so knew there was going to be lots of “could you say that again”s and blagging an answer to a question I hadn’t heard. It, however, was a lot better than I expected.

All of us, including the Prefects, met on the sports field and sat in a huge semi-circle on little stools. There were 36 Prefects and only 15 of us so we felt a little outnumbered but we need not worry. All of them seemed very lovely when they went around introducing themselves, which took a surprisingly long time as they all said which classes they were taking and where they came from. Once the introductions were done, there were many African speeches from Dan (The Director), Buka (The Headteacher), the Head boy, the Head girl and a shorter one from Mr Royle. We then were told to get into groups and mingle with the Prefects. This was the bit I was worried about. I turned my chair around and was in a group with 4 girls and the Head Boy. Three of the girls were 17 and one girl called Desire was 15, who I got along with very well. The Head boy was 20 and was very lovely and they all were very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions about Cornwall, my family, my school, my hair, my pets etc. etc. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was all questioned out by the time our half an hour was up and we had to go back for lunch.

After a nice meal and a few luxury minutes of Wi-Fi that Richard had managed to rig up, we managed to get everyone on board for the trip to a government secondary school called Kanaba. The journey there was very rough and bumpy, with absolutely gorgeous views of the hills we were travelling across. The winding roads eventually lead us to the school, next to which was a primary school. We got out, a tad shaken from the commute there, and were welcomed by the headteacher, Ben. He welcomed us into his office where we all managed to squeeze in. He gave us a speech on how his school is run, what lessons go on and lots on how he is an economics teacher. We then went to see the computer suite which was very modern; it had working computers which are something you wouldn’t really see in a Ugandan government school. The classrooms were all very small and had a few students (around 15) in each. The library was small as well and a music lesson was going on in there, which Mr Royle found very disappointing indeed - it was theory only so they had no experience of any actual music! There was also a science lab being built there and they seemed very proud of it. All the grounds between each classroom were very grassy and bumpy with lots of rocks about. This didn’t help the fact that most of the primary school children that came to visit didn’t have any shoes. 

After the tour was complete, it was time for photos. We had discovered that if we were to try and take a picture of any of the younger children, they would run away or try to hide. They all seemed to be saying “Muzungu (which means white man) - give us book” or pen or money. I felt so helpless not being able to aid them but there were so many of them and there was not much we could have done. Once we had a group photo with each of the schools, we had to head back in the two mini buses.

Once we got home, we had a lovely dinner (I had chocolate and banana pancakes - sorry Mum!) and did some washing of our clothes before getting our lessons ready for the next day and then going to sleep.


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