Day 2 - Friday 7th July

The write up of Day 2 – Friday 7th July comes from Velvet.

This morning we arrived by plane in Rwanda. It was like I had just been thrown into a washing machine.  However, despite the long and difficult journey, we made it and the way to our hotel, though only a half hour drive, felt like a lifetime.  Everything was completely different, the people were mesmerised as a bus full of “white people” drove past them, their culture and the way their society works is nothing like what I’ve ever seen before.  We saw mothers hanging their washing out, with their children running around, and it shocked me at how different their everyday lives are.

After we settled in, we headed off to King David Academy to meet and see how they run their interact clubs, and it was just fantastic. They were all so lovely and welcoming, and we somehow ended up dancing on stage with most of the students. It really made you think about their concept of life. Today was so much fun and it was a great first day.


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