Interact Pen Portraits

About Us:

My name is Grace and I am the President of the Interact Club.

Interact has opened up so many doors for me and has given me many opportunities to experience different ways of life and to help those who need our support most.

One of the main upcoming opportunities is our trip to Uganda. We have been fundraising to pay our own way as we are so excited to explore a new culture and to go to the school which we helped improve! Meeting the children, teaching, and painting the school will make our trip so incredibly memorable and I'm incredibly excited!

I'm Jess, I'm a Year 10 student from Humphry Davy and I'm a proud member of the Interact Club. The Interact Club has helped me develop many life skills such as public speaking and group leadership while supporting worthy charities in the wider community. Being able to support such important charities is very rewarding for all of us in the group and we take much pride in our work. I have greatly enjoyed my time as a member of interact and I am very excited to continue fundraising throughout the year. In July of next year, I am hoping to visit our partner school in Kisoro Uganda with ten other members of Interact. The trip will be a life-changing experience which I am very excited to be part of.

My name is Aidan and I joined the Interact Club almost three years ago because I wanted to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Back then we had one goal, to help people. In the following few years we developed massively as a group, travelling abroad, meeting other interact clubs and raising huge amounts of money, but our  goal has not changed at all, we're still determined to help people, and I'm proud to say that what I'm doing along with the rest of Interact is making a difference, and will continue to make a difference as long as this group continues.

Hi , my name is James and I'm an Interact member. I joined Interact as I like helping people and this was the best and most fun way to do so; I also hope to be one of the members lucky enough to be going to Uganda next year. I ( and 10 others ) are doing this to aid our partner school in Kisoro and teach them all we can. I'm really working hard for this and looking forward to it! 

My name is Thomas and I’m Vice President of Interact. Interact has been such a proud thing to be a part of. Not only is it an amazing opportunity to make a difference to communities both locally and nationally, but it is such a fun way of doing it! We’re just a group of great friends in Year 10 raising money for charities we have chosen and raise money in so many exciting, different ways. To make it even better, Interact has given us the once in a lifetime experience of going to our partner school in Kisoro, Uganda, which we have helped fundraise a whole science lab for. This is an opportunity that I would have never thought possible but thanks to Interact, it’s only a matter of months away!

You might think that you feel you shouldn’t join Interact as you might be in a different year or you might not know us but seriously, we don’t bite (well, most of us, watch out for Grace) we’d love anyone to come along – you won’t regret it!!
My name is Beth, and I am in Year 10. I am the secretary for the Interact Club, and I love being part of it. Ever since I was small I wanted to help people - whether that's in the local, national, or even international community - and now I get the chance to. Being a part of the Interact Club has made me become a more confident person and stronger leader (for example when helping organise events), make a positive difference, and along the way I have strengthened friendships - by taking part in events like the Rotary Ramble and Colour Run, and visiting a school in France a couple of years ago. I am also intending on visiting our partner school in Uganda in July 2017, and cannot wait to experience life in another part of the world with different cultures. I think it will be a life-changing opportunity which I definitely don't want to miss! Overall I am very proud to be a member of this group, and I strongly advise anybody interested in helping and making a difference to join!
Mr Royle

I joined Humphry Davy School as Director of Music in September 2000 and still seem to be here 16 years later! I've had many wonderful musical experiences so far: performing with different bands and choirs at different venues in Penzance and throughout the country, and writing the bid for our school becoming a Specialist Music College in 2005.

As Assistant Headteacher, my brief widened and I am delighted to lead the International Dimension of the school's work. Over the last five years, the school has enjoyed partnerships with schools throughout the world - not only European partners in France, Germany and Spain, but also further afield in China, Africa, and the Yemen. I've even been fortunate enough to go and visit our partner schools in Nigeria and Uganda.

I founded the Interact Club with friends from the Rotary Club of Mounts Bay in 2014 and the group has gone from strength to strength. They are a wonderful group of young people with whom it is a pleasure to work. They have raised significant funds over the past few years and I have been lucky enough to accompany them on visits to partner schools.

The broadening of horizons through travel and experience of other lands and cultures is essential if we are to create effective, confident and rounded young adults and the Interact Club going to work at the Vision School in Kisoro, Uganda, for two and a half weeks in July 2017 is the most ambitious educational visit in the school's history. I look forward to keeping you up to date with our exciting activities via these pages!

Mrs Del James (Rotarian)

Interact is part of the family of Rotary International, an organisation which works to help others less fortunate through various health and education projects. For me, as a member of Mounts Bay Rotary, working with Humphry Davy Interact Club has been a very humbling experience: they are a dynamic group of young people who have the passion and desire to work with and help others in need both in the community and overseas.

During the past two years, HDIC has worked together to raise money to help Penhaligan's Friends,Children's Hospice South West, education projects in Uganda, and Doctors Without Borders. In all they raised four thousand pounds or more through quizzes, cake sales, sponsored walks, concerts and Interact days in school. Most important of all, they had fun doing it. They hope also that many of them will have the opportunity to go and work with their partner school in Uganda this summer, teaching the Ugandan students various computer skills and working to support some of the primary schools in the district.

Interact helps develop citizenship, confidence and many other personal skills whilst helping others. Humphry Davy Interacters certainly show that many have the ability to become leaders of the future.

Mr Bob Hawken (Rotarian)

Bob Hawken.  Aged 76 and former pupil of HD school. Now a member of Mounts Bay Rotary Club which sponsors and supports the Interact Club.

I believe the Interact Club is a shining example of young people realising their own worth and potential. Using their imagination, energy and enthusiasm to realise that they are able to help others less fortunate than themselves and therefore to make a difference.

The HD group has an exceptional group of Interacters who I hope will go on to be Rotarians in adult life, so continuing to make a contribution as valuable citizens in society at large.