Uganda Visit: Summer 2017


In one of the most ambitious projects in the school’s history, it is proposed to take 11 members of the Interact Club and four members of staff to teach at the Vision School in Kisoro, Uganda for two and a half weeks in July 2017.

This project has been in the planning for some time and is a result of two factors:

1)   The track record of the Interact Club in terms of giving back to the local and international community. This has been measured through the number and quality of the events that they have organised and presented over the past two years as well as their ability to raise over £4000 for their chosen causes.

2)   An opportunity to develop further the partnership between the Vision School in Kisoro and Humphry Davy School in Penzance. Already Humphry Davy Students have provided funding for two science labs to be built and equipped at the Vision School, but this is very much more a two-way partnership project which will broaden the cultural horizons of students and staff at both schools.

A video of the students who are going to Uganda can be seen here.

Whilst in Uganda the students will be teaching English to the Ugandan students and delivering some ICT training to staff at the Vision School. They will also be receiving lessons in African culture such as sport, drumming, dancing, as well as participating in community-based projects such as tree planting, building and painting. 

In order to cover the expenses for this visit, each student is looking to raise in the region of £2000 and we are grateful to anyone who has supported in any way with this. Of course, we are always grateful for further support and if you think that you might be able to help then we would urge you to get in touch with Assistant Headteacher, Simeon Royle on 01736 363559 or

We are grateful for generous support from our partners:





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