Uganda Visit: Summer 2017

The Uganda visit is one of the most ambitious school visits in the school’s history and we are keen to keep you up to date with the group and their activities. For a daily update, do follow ‘@HDSPenzance_Staff’ on twitter and you should get a daily tweet from the group. 

Thanks for following the group on what is going to be an amazing adventure!

Mr Royle

Uganda Minisite table of contents (will be updated when updates are posted):

Uganda Project Background Day 1 – Thursday 6th July
Day 2 - Friday 7th July Day 3 - Saturday 8th July  Day 3 Reflections
Day 4 - Sunday 9th July Day 5 - Monday 10th July
Day 6 - Tuesday 11th July Day 7 - Wednesday 12th July
Day 8 - Thursday 13th July Day 9 - Friday 14th July
Day 10 - Saturday 15th July Day 11 - Sunday 16th July
Day 12 - Monday 17th July Day 13 - Tuesday 18th July
Day 14 - Wednesday 19th July Day 15 - Thursday 20th July
Day 16 - Friday 21st July Day 17 - Saturday 22nd July
Day 18 - Sunday 23rd July Day 19 - Monday 24th July


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