Our Prefect team of 31 students are an impressive collection of individuals who have chosen to make a further contribution to the school by Selected by staff and governors, all Prefects have over 96% attendance, very few or no R codes and have completed at least ten hours of voluntary work, giving something back to the community of Penzance and the surrounding area. In school, they help out at school events, provide support and a friendly face for other students whilst on  lunch duty and act as role models for other students – all of this whilst in Year 11 and preparing for their GCSE exams.

2017 also sees the appointment of a further 5 students with special responsibilities. Though not strictly members of the Prefect Team, they act in a variety of roles – the Student Voice champion works with the Head of Faculty team providing feedback to our team on teaching and learning matters. There are also two Post 16 Further education champions who work with the school’s Career’s Advisor.


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