• BBC School Report 2016

BBC News Report 2016

Report by Henry, Eden, Freya, Jasmine, Katia, Keryn, Rebekah, Max and Erin:

We are reporting on World Book Day, another huge success for Humphry Davy School.

An opportunity for people across the world to come together to celebrate their favourite books and literature.

Thursday the 3rd of March was World Book Day. Each Humphry Davy student brought in a donation and during the day, the library was full of exciting games, competitions and other activities. There was also a cake sale being held by fellow students which helped to raise over £500 throughout the day. This money was donated to our school’s “KYBA” and “Excelsior” groups, which are dedicated to reading and taking part in exciting competitions, and also went to the Interact group’s chosen charities: Children’s Hospice South West and Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

World Book Day is celebrated throughout the world, bringing schools together with the power of reading. It is a diverse and cultured occasion, sparking students' interest to learn and interact more with literature. Achievements are celebrated, cake is shared and charities and schools profit from this momentous occasion.

At our own school, teachers and students dressed up as their favourite book characters and everyone looked amazing! We had everything: from Wonder Woman and Batman to Ninjas and Anime characters!

We asked some teachers why they think that this day is so important to schools:

 “World Book Day is really important because its brings out the excitement and passion in reading.” Said Miss Barber.

“I think it is important to celebrate literature and for people across the school to reflect on and share books they love;" said Mr Smith, "it is an opportunity for students to understand how reading is a part of everyone’s life.”

Overall, students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the event, allowing them to venture further into the world of books and literacy. “There were so many fun things to take part in! I especially enjoyed the costume competition and eating all the cake!” said one Humphry Davy student.

World Book Day is an annual event and all English teachers and students are left in anticipation for next year.

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