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The Aspire programme ensures that our more able students achieve their potential, not only in terms of measured performance outcomes, such as GCSE grades, but also in being prepared to enter the adult world with a full set of transferable skills giving them the opportunity to access the top college and university courses.

Student eligibility for the Aspire programme is based on performance in a prior range of tests including KS2 SATS, Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) and internal assessments. Specific details can be found below.

Key Stage 4 Aspire students, in particular, will benefit from individualised support programmes to ensure that their A* and A target grades are realised. This will sometimes mean attending different classes or staying after school to go beyond what is required by the exam boards so that our Aspire students are thoroughly prepared for post-16 study.

The Aspire programme also offers a range of activities aimed at challenging our more able students. Some of these activities are based around faculties or subjects, whereas others are based on potential career choices; for example, we have a team of 13 students who have created a legal team and are working towards a national competition – excellent preparation for anyone considering a career in law. We also offer activities designed to develop transferable skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking and communication; details of these will be published throughout the year.

There is a huge range of sporting, musical and dramatic, artistic and design opportunities at the school, through which all students’ talents can flourish. The Aspire programme is designed specifically to stretch and challenge students’ academic and intellectual capacity, to achieve the very highest examination and course grades, and to build confidence to progress to Higher Education courses and Apprenticeships.

There is no charge for the programme, but we do expect all Aspire students to participate in at least one of the extra-curricular opportunities that are offered. There is also an expectation that Aspire students go out of their way to catch up on any work that is missed during times when they are working on Aspire activities rather than following their usual curriculum.

If there are any further details that you require about the Aspire programme for high achieving students, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs K Oliver
Deputy Headteacher

To be identified in the Aspire programme, students will have to meet one or more of the following criteria:KS2 SAT scaled reading and Maths scores over 110, Mean CAT standardised age scores over 120, Target grades at KS4 will include at least 7 A or A* grades or the new 9 or 8 levels.

Example Activities: