Curriculum Information

The curriculum at Humphry Davy School:

Rationale and purpose:

Humphry Davy School’s vision is of an inspiring and vibrant place for learning where we aspire to excellence in everything we do and seek to maximise the life chances of all members of our student community.

Our commitment to developing, and maintaining, an outstanding and diverse curriculum which aspires to respond to the local and national agenda both intelligently and creatively in order to ensure that all of our students receive a high quality learning experience at all times is the underlying principle.

The co-operative values and principles continue to heavily influence the school‟s ethos and considerations of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity remain key drivers in decision-making related to the school‟s curriculum.

We believe whole heartedly that in order to access a broad and balanced curriculum and to be successful in their future lives all students need to be confident and proficient in the basic skills of reading, writing, communication and mathematics and the development of these skills is of the highest priority at all times.

Finally we consider it critical that equal opportunities are promoted and realised at all levels of curriculum provision and that this is integral to outstanding practice. Whilst we provide extensive individual and small group withdrawal support where necessary our curriculum is one which celebrates inclusion throughout and we firmly believe that our diversity as a school ultimately enriches and enhances our curriculum for the benefit of all.

The school’s curriculum is the vehicle to enable our students to:

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and attributes our students need to lead successful and happy lives.
  • Become independent, confident, considerate and responsible young people who make a positive contribution to society.
  • Understand the importance of a fairer and environmentally sustainable world.
  • Be empowered to make an ethical and sustainable contribution to local, national and global prosperity.

By offering a full range of national curriculum subjects in Key Stage 3 (years 7 and 8) alongside highly effective pastoral and CIAG (careers information advice and guidance) programmes our students are given the opportunity to consider their future aspirations from the start of their time at the school.

This, together with a fully supported options process which enables students to choose from a broad range of subjects including art, humanities and Design subjects amongst others, enables our Year 8 students to make informed choices about their future and provides the opportunity for our Key Stage 4 students to enjoy three years of studying their chosen GCSE subjects in depth. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate progression to both employment and post-16 study and our growing alumni programme demonstrates the wide and varied successes of our students once they leave school.

Please find our curriculum guides below, organised by year group and term. You can find further information relating to our curriculum by clicking on the faculty links on the left of this page.

For all other enquiries regarding the school's curriculum please contact:

Mr G Armstrong, Deputy Headteacher

t: 01736 363559