Photography is an incredibly popular option in year 9, where students start following courses of their own choice.  The course is based on the OCR Art and Design specification and specifically on “Photography and Lens Based Media”.  The course is made up of two key elements of coursework (60%) and exam (40%).  The course work is collated in sketch book portfolios over the duration of the course, and the exam is performed over two days at the end of year 11.

Students learn about how a DSLR camera works and the exposure triangle, before embarking on several mini projects which force them to explore different aspects and techniques used in photography and photographic production.  In each mini project they select and annotate influential images before performing an in depth analysis of a specific piece from which they will try to emulate a key aspect.  They take photographs and perform necessary research about technique, before developing, exploring, refining and playing with the tools, techniques or processes used, creating multiple outcomes based on the source material. Students then evaluate before embarking on their next journey.  The two day exam follows exactly the same process.

Assessment of Photography is the same for both exam and coursework, and it is based on only four different assessment criteria.  You can access a copy of the C grade descriptors on our Pinterest site by clicking here:

Exemplar Student Work