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  • Fighting for Fair Funding of Cornwall Schools
    17th November 2017

    Parents and friends of the school may well have seen in the news that I was in the privileged position this week of representing Cornwall Headteachers in presenting a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer regarding fairer funding for schools nationally. Read More

  • Worth Less School Funding Campaign

    Worth Less School Funding Campaign
    14th November 2017

    In an unprecedented move, Headteachers representing 25 counties from Cornwall to Suffolk (including Bill Marshall, our Headteacher) will personally deliver a letter to the chancellor, Philip Hammond, voicing renewed concerns that the government’s proposed new National Funding Formula has done little to alleviate either the funding crisis and/or funding disparities that are engulfing schools across the country. Read More

  • Remembrance Day 2017

    Remembrance Day 2017
    12th November 2017

    On what is always an emotional day our students showed great courage and respect. Read More

  • Fireworks Extravaganza!

    Fireworks Extravaganza!
    5th November 2017

    HDI help out at the Rotary Club's annual Fireworks extravaganza at Penlee park on Bonfire Night. Read More

  • Sculptor Abigail Reynolds visits HDS

    Sculptor Abigail Reynolds visits HDS
    3rd November 2017

    Abigail spent an afternoon talking to students about her creative process, specifically in the context of generating ideas. Read More